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December 3, 2016 - 3:26pm by Anonymous (not verified)

Discuss the topics how to use the software and how to create images for the software.

Please share your experiences with Persistence software.
Please report the bugs or difficulties you encountered.
Please tell us your thoughts about what changes it should have or what things it should add.
Or just say Hi, and better let us know where you are (optional), it would make us happy.
Thank you for your comment

January 2024: Version 5.1.1 was released (Matlab mfile). Changes: 1. Added the focused image panels to the panel for manually constructing filaments. 2. In manually constructing, now a filament can connect to another with a 90-degree elbow, which previously was not able to connect. 3. Changed auto filament constructing to include filament branches (stop at branching points). Previously the branched filaments were ignored. 4. Bugs fixed

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